Parco dei Nebrodi

the refinement of ancient traditions

Parco dei Nebrodi

The Nebrodi National Park, established August 4, 1993, is the largest protected natural area of Sicily. The park is divided into four areas in which they operate, depending on the interest naturalistic specific prohibitions and limitations, functional conservation and, therefore, the enhancement of resources that are the heritage of the protected area. The area A (reserve), extended to 24,546 hectares, including forest systems at higher altitudes, the only stations Sicilian yew (Taxus baccata) and some rocky outcrops. Over 1200 meters above sea level, are located several beech trees (about 10,000 hectares), while at altitudes between 800 and 1200 meters, on the north-facing slopes, and between 1000 and 1400 meters on the southern slopes, is dominant the oak. Large areas for grazing gape, also among beech and Turkey oak. It is important to highlight that the beech tree in the park is the extreme southern limit of its distribution area. At lower elevations (600-800 m above sea level) is the cork that, especially in the territory of Caronia, form associations of great ecological value. Finally, I included in Zone A, the most important stations of endemic species and wetlands at high altitude, as well as traits of interesting waterways. Zone B (general reserve), extended to 46,879 hectares, includes the remaining woodlands and large areas for grazing, located at the edge of the woods. Are also present limited agricultural areas falling in areas characterized by high quality natural landscape. Zone C (security), extended to 569 hectares, includes nine areas, strategically distributed throughout the territory, which apply to activities aimed at the achievement of important objectives of the park such as, for example, the construction of tourist facilities and cultural. Zone D (control) is the area of preparco extended to 13,593 hectares. It constitutes the outer band of the protected areas allows a smooth transition to higher environmental value. The main elements that most strongly characterize the natural landscape are the asymmetry of the various slopes, the diversity of modeling of the mountains, the lush vegetation and numerous wetlands. The orographic, a length of about 70 km., Is characterized by gentle terrain, due to the presence of large schools of clayey-arenaceous rocks: the peaks that reach Monte Soro with a maximum altitude of 1847 meters above sea level, have sides with rounded extended uppermost terraces and open in wide valleys crossed by innumerable rivers that flow into the Tyrrhenian Sea. The ancient civilization of farmers and shepherds Nebrodi is reflected in numerous handicrafts. Embroidered tablecloths and sheets handmade baskets and baskets of rattan or cane, wooden objects for agricultural use or ferla, stone work and wrought iron, accomplishments, with antique frames, mats and carpets of colorful (pizzare), production of fine ceramics are tangible signs dell’operosità and imagination of the people Nebrodi. Food products find their highest expression in those milk: sweet or spicy canestrato, the tasty pecorino cheese, flavored cheese and cottage cheese are the delicate, still, processed by the expert hands of the shepherds. Famous are also cold cuts obtained with the meat of the pig Nebrodi black, high-quality products are olive oil, honey, hazelnuts, pistachios and berries, tasty canned tomatoes, mushrooms and eggplant; much appreciated sweets (marzipan, chat, ramette, crispelle, fried milk, giammelle, almond paste). The kitchen is simple and essential flavors and reserves (handmade macaroni, grilled mutton, roast kid) can be enjoyed in the characteristic dining places.



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