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Filicudi awaits you on a journey into nature and not only … History, culture, art, ancient villages, among trees, flowers and the beautiful beaches of Capo Graziano for a vacation that will enhance all your senses, not least the palate with dishes Mediterranean cuisine and table filicudara food, land and sea, light and tasty because the culture in the Aeolian Islands starts here. Spring comes early to Filicudi and is an explosion of colorful flowers. It ‘nice, this season, along the many old trails that cross it. Paths and terraces, built over centuries, are a wonderful and impressive example of human labor. Even today Filicudi is perceived as remote island, by the inhabitants of Lipari. In fact, what makes you feel far away, not so much the distance but something more profound: it is a distance in time, in the way of being of the island and its people, is the distance from the common world. Filicudi is not only sea or summer vacation, who wants to really feel and enjoy its peculiarities must visit quietly inside, especially in the time of year that runs from April to June and from September to November. The port is on the north side of the island, there is a dock where ships and hydrofoils arrive, the main amenities such as shops, ATM, boat hire, scooters and vehicles and from there it goes to its surroundings, above Valley Church and Canal and the sea, but on the other side of the tip of Punta Capo Graziano where there is a prehistoric village, there Pecorini, with the small pier, a few houses, the beach with fishing boats of fishermen. And ‘wild because it has a few houses, a few people (in winter do not get to 500 people), there is little or no cultivated Mediterranean flora rica broom, prickly pears, lemons, a set that gives it a barren and wild . … “The wind is Filicudi chord unthinkable elsewhere, is the settler sound to motion pictures that the palette of nature puts us under the eyes as to want to impress. It was on this island, outside the world and come here if you have particular qualities of the soul, if you like the deep silences, the empty spaces, the contact with nature, the beauty that co-exists with the ravine in a rhapsody that smacks of primordial and mysterious. The island has a road that connects Filicudi Porto in Valley Church and Pecorini a Mare, which makes it easier and easier to move. We recommend that you follow the old but still efficient mule which, although not easy, is certainly the most beautiful. Starting from any one of the points of the lattice trazzere where even today, many, meet patients donkeys. You will see the prickly pears that form the backdrop to the Novels of Verga, you will see the capers that are cultivated intensively, you will see the fantastic blooms of plants typical of the Mediterranean that remain low to withstand the assaults of wind and splashing of the waves. As a balm all’arsura will welcome the green thickens at the top of the Tower and the Trench Ferns. This wild, rough, basic and elite of the Aeolian Islands, the island is ideal for those who love the sea and the silence in the middle of August … “You lose the sense of time admiring sunsets that will remain etched in your memory, breathe smells that intoxicate your senses, you will find a sea of emotions, colors and the unusual silence that never said much. A Tues cobalt with its waters teeming with fish, impressive rock formations and sea seem to stand as guardians to protect the island are background to the wild and rugged nature that makes you want to avventurasi between small mule that travel. Experience an unforgettable holiday immersed in a way of life that has now passed and finally experience the feeling of having found a new passion ….. This is Filicudi.



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