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Cefalù (Ras Melkart in Phoenician Κεφαλοίδιον in greek, Cephaloedium in Latin Gafludi in Arabic, Cifalù in Sicilian) is an Italian town of 13,771 inhabitants in the province of Palermo in Sicily. It is located on the northern coast of Sicily, about 70 km from Palermo, at the foot of a rocky promontory. It is one of the greatest seaside resorts across the province, despite its size, each year attracts millions of tourists from all parts of Sicily and also, generally, from all over Italy and Europe. In summer the population reaches even triple, making the crowded main streets and major roads in the country. The town, which is part of Madonie Park, is included in the club of The most beautiful villages in Italy, namely a unique combination of small Italian towns that stand out among others for the great artistic, cultural and historical, for the harmony of the urban livability and citizen services. According to the Köppen classification of climates, the climate of Cefalù belongs to the group called CSA: mid-latitude temperate climate with dry and hot summer and cool and rainy winter (Mediterranean climate). The spring and autumn temperatures are mild and pleasant. Summer is dry and hot, usually hot and frequently windy due to the presence of sea breezes in summer, especially in July and August is not uncommon presence of the sirocco. Based on the average thirty years of 1961-1990 reference, the average temperature of the coldest month, January, came to +12.0 ° C, one of the hottest month, August, is +26.8 ° C. From August 2 to 6 is the feast of SS. Salvatore, owner of the Cathedral and the city’s patron. Although the Immaculata the patron saint of Palermo, the SS. Salvatore was always celebrated as the patron of Cefalù. The afternoon of the last day of celebrations of the SS. Salvatore takes place in a race called antinna seas or ‘ntinna to sea. The race saw young and old fishermen prosthesis to conquer a colored flag attached to the tip of a long trunk, rendered slippery from soap, which is horizontal to the sea and securely attached to the dock.



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